Completed projects

 Bitter Gourd @ Harohalli

GROW farms @ Mallandur, Chikmagalur district, Karnataka

At GROW farms, a very systematic approach is followed for cultivation. First the land is weeded and tilled. Then raised beds are built at water level at equal distance. The drip pipes are then laid in line with the beds. The beds are given a layer of manure and covered with mulching sheets. Once the seedlings are ready, they are transplanted. Regular supply of fertilizers are fed through the drip pipes to maintain the health of the plants.

Thin green chilly                               Red chilli

Birds' Eye chilli

The Bird’s Eye chilli is a type of chili that is our local produce which is packed and marketed by Namdhari's. It has a slightly small and round shape, maturing to about a fourth of an inch wide and an inch long. They are given this name because of being spread by birds. The small size made these peppers easy targets for birds. During maturation, the Bird’s Eye will be a light shade of green, and then turn to a hue of orange, to a vibrant red upon fully maturing. Bird’s Eye chilis are extremely hot to the taste.

GROW (collaborated) farms @Somanahalli, Bangalore

Collaborated Farming

GROW farms' current expansion in Bangalore- 4 acres of thin green chilli, red chilli Bitter Gourd & greens (corriander, spinach etc.,)

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