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Our range of products

1.MIRACLE GROW: A soil-less growing media with all the necessary organic fertilizers in the right proportions, ready to use for your pots/plants/ grow bags; suitable for all types of vegetable and flower plants. 

2. ECONOMY GROW: A ready to use mix similar to above, but with red soil for large quantity  requirements, to economize the cost. Can be used on ground level or where weight is not a criteria. 

3. GROW BOOSTER: An additive to enrich nutrient quality, to be used with any of the above mixes. Can also be used with existing soil during repotting. 

4.GROW FERTILIZER: A mix of vermi & bio compost + FYM + various bio control agents; can be used with soil or coco peat.

 5.GROW CULTURE: A mix to be added to the bio composter for accelerating rate of decomposition of organic waste and also to maintain a healthy pile by keeping flies and maggots away.

 6.GROW STARTER: A seed starter mix, for those who want to start from scratch. A mix to help in better rooting with increased moisture retaining capacity 

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